Our project started on the occasion of winning a small prize in the lottery at the middle of the 1990’s and wanting to make best use of it. We ask ourselves what would be the worst nightmare for us and came to the conclusion that it is blindness, which typically appears with age but is certainly a disaster for young people. We therefore had the idea to help people affected by blindness. Friends drew our attention to Andheri-Hilfe Bonn. Since then we have supported Andheri-Hilfe Bonn, a private, non-governmental  charitable organisation which was founded in 1967 and has already financed and executed, amongst other projects,  1.3 million eye-surgeries in Bangladesh and India. This organisation is certified by the “Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen” and has been awarded the DZI-donation seal as evidence for their seriousness and meritoriousness for sponsorship. Please refer to our Link bar: We currently channel funds that we generate via this organisation. At the beginning we started donating 1/10 of unexpected cash flow. At a later point in time we expanded the donation fund with revenues derived from some other fundraising activities.